Powerful and Faithful
Psalm 146:6

The Upward Look
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“Who made heaven and earth, The sea and all that is in them; Who keeps faith forever.” Psalm 146:6 NASB

Praising the Lord God, the psalmist begins to describe His actions, attributes, and character. While man’s power is very limited and his life is temporary, the Lord is all powerful and forever faithful. With the power of His word, God spoke and the universe was created. The Almighty God, who created the vastness of the universe, also created all living things both on earth and in the sea. The Lord God is eternal and faithful to keep His promises. He remains forever faithful and true to His holy nature.

Lord Jesus, I give praise and honor and glory to You, my Savior. You are my Help and the source of my strength and the sustainer of my life. In You I place my trust.


  May 24, 2019

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