Immutable Word
Psalm 111:8

The Upward Look
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“All His instructions are trustworthy. They are established forever and ever, enacted in truth and in what is right.” Psalm 111:8 HCSB

God’s Word, His instructions, His precepts, His commandments, will never change. What popular culture considers as acceptable, right, just, and truth changes constantly, while God’s Word is forever, consistently the same. His Word is true and right and is irrevocable. Humanity is only trying to fool themselves in their futile attempt to nullify and defy God’s Word. God is to be praised and obeyed for His Word is truth, correct, right, perfect, trustworthy, faithful, immutable, and eternal.

Lord Jesus, I stand firm on Your faithful and unchangeable Word found in the Bible. Help me to learn and obey Your commands and to live in a way that glorifies You.


  September 13, 2019

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