Ashamed and Disgraced
Psalm 25:2

The Upward Look
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“My God, I trust in You. Do not let me be disgraced; do not let my enemies gloat over me.” Psalm 25:2 HCSB

While facing danger and turmoil from his enemies, David’s plea is that his life may not be a disgrace or bring shame to God. He does not want to do anything that will dishonor the cause of God. When a believer fails or when the enemy triumphs over a believer, it causes embarrassment and shame not only to the believer but to God. The enemy always gloats and exults over the fall and demise of a person of faith. David has placed his trust in God for his deliverance so that he will not be disgraced.

Lord Jesus, help me to live in a way that brings You honor and not shame. Protect me from the enemy by Your great power and might.


  April 27, 2018

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