Troubles Increasing
Psalm 25:17

The Upward Look
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“The troubles of my heart have multiplied; free me from my anguish.” Psalm 25:17 NIV

David was consumed by his ever expanding troubles. Like the seemingly ever expanding circle of ripples caused by the rock thrown into the water, David saw his anguish, distress, and despair increasing with the misery of his multiplying troubles. Overwhelmed by his ever growing dire circumstances, he cried out for help from the only one who can help him. It is to God he turned, and it is only God who can deliver him through this painful misery.

Lord Jesus, even when darkness and misery seem to overpower me, I trust in You to protect and deliver me. You are my Hope, my Strength, my Refuge, my Comfort, and my Peace in the midst of the storm.


  September 7, 2018

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