Ought to Support
3 John 8

The Upward Look
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“Therefore, we ought to support such men, so that we can be co-workers with the truth.” 3 John 8 HCSB

Believers are to help and to support preachers and missionaries who are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. This support includes showing hospitality to them and giving financially to them. While there is a moral obligation and responsibility suggested in the word “ought,” it is a privilege to aid those who are spreading the gospel. Those who support these ministers become co-workers with them in spreading the good news of salvation in Jesus. Some believers go and preach, and other believers provide the means for them to go. Both are necessary so that the truth is shared.

Lord Jesus, You direct me to give generously to help ministers and churches to spread the gospel. Help me to support those who are giving their lives in Your ministry.


  November 14, 2008

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