Exploitation and Greed
2 Peter 2:3

The Upward Look
    © Copyright 2016, Max D. Hutto,

“They will exploit you in their greed with deceptive words. Their condemnation, pronounced long ago, is not idle, and their destruction does not sleep.” 2 Peter 2:3 HCSB

False teachers exploit and deceive people because of their greed. Their selfish desire for fame and fortune drives them to do whatever it takes to satisfy their greed. The word translated “deceptive” (the root word for the word “plastic”) means false or fabricated words that can be molded into any shape. These false teachers mold their words to fit what the hearers want to hear. They think they are getting away with their deception, however having already been found guilty, they will face God’s judgment.

Lord Jesus, help me to speak and live the truth. Keep me grounded in Your Word, the Bible, so that I will not be deceived by false teachings.


  June 10, 2016

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