Sensuality and Maligned
2 Peter 2:2

The Upward Look
    © Copyright 2016, Max D. Hutto,

“Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned.” 2 Peter 2:2 NASB

Many people will be seduced and deceived by those who teach and preach false doctrines. These false teachers will even live and advocate a sensual lifestyle. In their sensuality they will teach that all types of sexual immorality and licentious, shameful, destructive, and unrestrained behavior are right lifestyles. These false teachers will cause the true gospel to be maligned, ridiculed, and discredited, causing the reputation of Jesus and true Christians to be tarnished.

Lord Jesus, help me to live a holy and righteous lifestyle that honors and glorifies You. Keep me focused on the truth found in Your Word, the Bible.


  June 3, 2016

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