Evil’s Futile Promises
2 Peter 2:17

The Upward Look
    © Copyright 2016, Max D. Hutto,

“These men are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. Blackest darkness is reserved for them.” 2 Peter 2:17 NIV

Continuing to describe false teachers, Peter uses three metaphors to illustrate the futility of their ideas and their future judgment. The promises of evil are like a weary and parched traveler in the desert land that only finds a dried-up water hole or creek bed. They are like the farmer who watches storm clouds roll above the drought baked fields yet no rain falls. Their end will be utter isolation and torment, like a deep cave in absolute darkness. Evil often promises a great reward yet ultimately only ends in destruction.

Lord Jesus, I am thankful that You keep Your promises. Help me to point others to You, the Living Water and the Light of the World.


  October 21, 2016

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