Slanderous Speech
2 Peter 2:11

The Upward Look
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“However, angels, who are greater in might and power, do not bring a slanderous charge against them before the Lord.” 2 Peter 2:11 HCSB

While this verse is ambiguous and obscure as to whom and what it refers, it is clear that the angels, though more powerful beings than humans, do not utter slanderous and reviling accusations against other celestial beings and possibly against people. Peter may be contrasting the angels with the false teachers who had been slandering and accusing others of wrongs while they were living a sensuous and vile lifestyle. The thought here could be that one must not slander, revile, defame, or show blatant disrespect to others.

Lord Jesus, help me to control what I say about others so that I do not wrongfully accuse them. Help my speech be filled with Your truth and grace.


  September 16, 2016

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