Astonished Reaction and Ridicule
1 Peter 4:4

The Upward Look
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“So they are surprised that you don't plunge with them into the same flood of wild living—and they slander you.” 1 Peter 4:4 HCSB

New life in Christ will make a radical change in the behavior of the believer. The believer’s righteous lifestyle will be in sharp contrast to the old, worldly, sinful lifestyle. When a believer stops participating in the worldly vices like those listed in the previous verse, his old ungodly acquaintances will be surprised and think that he is strange. They will tease and taunt him. They will slander, malign, ridicule, and abuse the believer for living a righteous life. The believer needs to be prepared for this kind of reaction and opposition to his faith.

Lord Jesus, help me to let Your holy light shine through me in this dark world. Even when I face opposition, let my lifestyle be a witness of the change You made in my life.


  October 3, 2014

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