The Ungodly and The Sinner
1 Peter 4:18

The Upward Look
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“And if a righteous person is saved with difficulty, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?” 1 Peter 4:18 HCSB

The “ungodly” are those who have no reverence or respect for God. While God is righteous and holy, the ungodly are wicked and vile. The “sinner” is one who loves sin and wrong. They have missed God’s mark and fall short of God’s way. They live in disobedience to God’s Word. These two words, “ungodly” and “sinner”, describe all people. All people deserve judgment. But God provides salvation for all who will place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. It is only the righteousness found in Jesus that makes one righteous.

Lord Jesus, though I am unworthy, You have shown me grace and mercy and have saved me. Help me to tell others how they too can find Your forgiveness and salvation.


  February 6, 2015

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