Jesus, the Perfect Sinless Example
1 Peter 2:22

The Upward Look
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“He did not commit sin, and no deceit was found in His mouth.” 1 Peter 2:22 HCSB

Peter had been with Jesus for the three years of His public ministry and had watched His every move and every word. He observed that Jesus had fulfilled the prophecy found in Isaiah which Peter quoted in this verse. The word “sin” literally means missing the mark; thus, it describes trespasses and faults that cause one to fail in reaching the mark, the goal, God had set for all people. The word “deceit” means guile or to trick with speech that deceives or misleads others. Jesus neither sinned nor spoke wrongly, yet He suffered and was unjustly persecuted. Jesus was the perfect sinless example for the believers to follow as they faced suffering and persecution.

Lord Jesus, while I am not perfect, help me in word and deed to learn from Your example. Through the good and the tough times of life, teach me to follow in Your footsteps.



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