1 Peter 2:2

The Upward Look
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“Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation.” 1 Peter 2:2 NIV

Just as a newborn baby craves his mother’s milk, so believers are to crave the spiritual milk of the Word of God. If you have ever heard an infant cry, scream, shriek, and squall when it is hungry, then you have a sense of its intense desire for milk that furnishes physical nourishment. Believers need to have that same intensity for the Word of God that will provide spiritual nourishment. Believers should fill their lives with the Bible. It should not be a casual acquaintance, but a consistent and in-depth, intimate study of the Bible that leads to living out its truths. Believers should hear, read, study, meditate, memorize, and obey the Word of God.

Lord Jesus, I desire, yearn, crave to be filled with Your Word. Many things clamor for my attention, so help me instead to think on Your Word day and night, filling my thoughts and directing my actions.


  January 22, 2010

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