1 John 5:17

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“All unrighteousness is sin, and there is sin that does not bring death.” 1 John 5:17 HCSB

“Unrighteousness” is simply not doing what is right in God’s sight. God has set the standard for what is right and wrong. Any act that is contrary to what God says is right is a violation of God’s standard. John had previously stated that sin is the breaking of God’s law. If a person does not live up to God’s standard, he is unrighteous and thus a sinner. Any sin, even sin that does not bring death, is significant and not a trivial matter. For a sin not to lead to death, it must be cleansed by the blood of a perfect sacrifice.

Lord Jesus, I am thankful that You have cleansed my sin by Your sacrificial death on the cross. Help me to not be unrighteous, but to obey You in all I do.


  April 18, 2008

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