Amazing Honor
1 Chronicles 17:17

The Upward Look
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“This was a little thing to You, God, for You have spoken about Your servant's house in the distant future. You regard me as a man of distinction, LORD God.” 1 Chronicles 17:17 HCSB

God had just bestowed a great honor on David, that his descendants would reign over Israel and One would be the Eternal King, Jesus the Messiah. While this proclamation was a small, insignificant thing to the Almighty God, David recognized and pondered this amazing future from the Creator and Sustainer of all. The transcendent, all powerful, eternal, sovereign, Holy God had blessed David with this honor. Demonstrating His great love, God has honored humanity with His saving grace.

Lord Jesus, I am amazed at Your great love that cares for someone like me, forgiving and cleansing me of my sin. I am honored and humbled that You provide my salvation.


  March 8, 2019

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