A House and a Kingdom
1 Chronicles 17:10b-11

The Upward Look
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“I declare to you that the LORD will build a house for you: When your days are over and you go to be with your fathers, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, one of your own sons, and I will establish his kingdom.” 1 Chronicles 17:10b-11 NIV

While David wanted to build God a house, a temple, God declared that He would build a house, a dynasty, for David. This amazing covenant was vastly more than David had even dared to dream. Upon David’s death God would place David’s offspring on Israel’s throne. While this promise was fulfilled by Solomon and other kings from the Davidic line, the greater promise would be fulfilled by the coming Messiah, a descendant of David, who would establish God’s eternal kingdom.

Lord Jesus, You are the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Christ, from the line of David. Rule and reign in my heart and life as King, as I obediently serve You.


  February 1, 2019

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