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The Upward Look is a short devotional article with commentary about a verse from the Bible, God's Holy Word!

This weekly column is written by Max D. Hutto, a Baptist Minister.

This weekly column is distributed to newspapers, the internet, and an email list. The Upward Look devotional began in the late 1960s by my father-in-law, Rev. Leroy F. Elliott (1929-1989).  He wrote for more than twenty years in the Ville Platte newspaper.  Before his passing, he gave me permission to continue the work.

Since 1989, it has been, and continues to be, a joy to write these articles. My main goal has been to write a good Biblical devotional that will encourage Christians to live each day for the Lord. My secondary goal has been that others would come to know Jesus as personal Savior and Lord. These goals will be achieved as the Holy Spirit uses the Word of God in the minds and hearts of each individual that reads the Bible.

May the Word of God not return void, but carry out His purposes!


This Week's Article:  The Upward Look

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